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Welcome! I'm so glad you're here.

I'm Amanda, and I'm so excited to introduce you

to the superpower within you.

I believe we all have what it takes to live a life of balance, wholeness, and fulfillment. Sometimes we just need someone on our side, cheering us on,  holding us accountable, staying positive

through setbacks and leading with love.

That's why I'm here. 

If you need some extra help along your journey, let me know. I'd love to be by your side while you find your path to wellness.


What is Wellness Coaching?

As a wellness coach, I support clients in the ongoing process of building wellness through movement, nutrition, sleep, recovery and regeneration, SMART goal setting and stress management with a focus on holistic and sustainable lifestyle choices. It's a collaborative relationship, not a lecture. You are in charge of your goals, and how quickly you want to accomplish them. I'm here to provide support, answer questions, and keep you moving forward. 



Outdoor Fitness

Movement Coaching

Movement coaching is for those clients who need extra coaching in finding ways to incorporate more movement into their daily lives. So much of the mainstream fitness industry teaches us that exercise is the only form of movement, and together, clients and I unpack that statement to see if it is true for them. Along with defining personalized success in movement, we also explore how to build and maintain muscle, recover from physical activity, release chronic tension or holding patterns, emphasize the need for rest and recovery to prevent physical injury and harm, movements based on hormone fluctuations, and the importance of calibrating sleep and stress into a more active lifestyle.

Making Fruit Salad

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition coaching involves a food first approach to wellness. We dive into a non-weight-based approach to weight loss that incorporates intuitive eating instead of the standard yo-yo dieting. Along the journey, we can also help establish fact from fiction in understanding popular diets, caloric intake and macro calculation, and the truths or dangers of nutrition trends and fads. We also learn healthy portion sizes, how to read food labels, how to navigate grocery stores, learn why all of the food groups are important, and evaluate eating plans to meet individual needs and preferences. 


Mindset Coaching

Mindset coaching is a form of coaching that helps clients identify the blocks and behaviors that stop them from being the ultimate version of themselves, and can prevent them from achieving overall wellness. This form of coaching incorporates mindfulness and stress management, teaching from the standpoint of stress and its biological effect on the body. We explore meditation, visualization, self-compassion exercises and practical ways to use eustress to the client’s advantage. We explore the relationship between stress and weight loss, learn the stress cycle, create stress emergency plans for times of unanticipated stress overload, burnout prevention, and much more. 




Amanda Martin

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